Welcome to Lingoblog

Welcome to Lingoblog, a new online platform for the dissemination of knowledge about languages and linguistics.

According to Ethnologue and Glottolog, there are more than 7,000 known languages ​​in the world – and there are almost as many ways to study them. At Aarhus University, researchers and students work not only with Danish but also with languages ​​from Africa, North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe, and with languages ​​as a phenomenon in general. We investigate language through life: All the way from childrens’ first linguistic signs to conversational grammar in elderly home care (look forward to submissions on both topics!)

Language is a topic that most people have an opinion about. Many people are worried about language change, for instance, and people may think it’s bad to be multilingual unless it’s in prestigious languages, etc. Linguistic Mythbusters will regularly contribute to correcting wrong assumptions and replace them with true alternative facts.

In a way, Lingoblog is the heir of the Sprogmuseet.dk, which was active for a number of years, but no longer publishes new posts. Sprogmuseet.dk was created by Ole Stig Andersen, who is a consultant for Lingoblog.

We promise at least two posts a week and, in addition, a weekly language quiz by quizmaster Peter Bakker. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes difficult. Perhaps we do not even know the answer. But every week there is a person who wins a book about language or linguistics. Anonymous sponsors have donated hundreds of books to winners. The answer must be sent to quiz@lingoblog.dk. The deadline is always Friday at noon.

Posts to Lingoblog are welcome. Also yours. There is no sub-limit or limit in length, but contributions of one or two A4 pages are the norm. Posts can be summaries of articles, discussion papers, short popularized versions of academic student assignments, book reviews, film reports, stories from fieldwork and more. Illustrations are welcome and necessary, but remember copyright rules and laws. The editors can also help with illustrations. Send to red@lingoblog.dk

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