Liet International 2020 in Aabenraa, Nordschleswig/Denmark: songs in 20 languages 

UPDATE: Because of the Corona virus, the event has been cancelled/postponed.

The line-up of 20 participants of the 13th edition of Liet International 2020 on 3 and 4 April 2020 in Apenrade/Aabenraa, Denmark is set. 45 songs were submitted for Liet International 2020, the song festival for regional and minority languages. These 45 songs show a huge rise in applications, and showing a growing interest in Liet International.

A selection jury consisting of Anneke Holwerda (The Netherlands), chairman of the jury at Frisian song festival Liet 2019, Laura Fosten (United Kingdom), member of the Cornish band The Rowan Tree, winner of Liet International 2018, and Uffe Iwersen (Denmark), culture consultant at Bund Deutscher Nordschleswiger, the organisers of Liet International 2020, had to listen to all the songs and they had the hard task to make a selection.

Bumbe PR
Bumbe Orchestra  sing in the Sardinian language

The line-up is very diverse again. Both in different regional and minority languages and in music styles, from easy listening and jazz to (indie) rock.

The 20 participants are, in alphabetical order: Artist Song Language
63-72 Mein kleines Lied Synnejysk/German (Denmark)
Bališ Spal bomo če smo hin Slovenian (Austria)
Brother Sea Oll ‘Vel Onen Cornish (United Kingdom)
Bumbe Orchestra Cala Sinzias Sardinian (Italy)
Carolina Rubirosa Sozinha Galician (Spain)
Clash Vooar Lhiggeyder Folley Manx Gaelic (Isle of Man)
Die Tüdelband Buten an’t Meer Low German (Germany)
Fiona Cavegn Mona Lisa Romansh (Switzerland)
ISABELLE Waje de Litt Alsatian (France)
Jimi Henndreck Nairobi Südtirolian (Italy)
Juna Yashel Kuzle Tatar (Tatarstan)
Luis Nuñez y los Folganzanes Tengo un sitiu pa ti Asturian (Spain)
Marcas Mac an Tuairneir le Bogha-frois Dumbbells Scottish Gaelic (Scotland)
Noctiluca Iaan Heligoland Frisian (Germany)
Roger Argemí La fina línia Catalan (Spain)
Saara Hermansson Mov laavlome South Sami (Sweden)
Sequens Do bist frij Frisian (The Netherlands)
Sølo Kærestesangen Danish (Germany)
Turbokrowodn Mila moja Burgenlandcroatian (Austria)
Zaman Aida Yanga Bashkir (Bashkortostan)

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LIET International will be held on April 3 (semi-final with 20 bands) and April 4 (final with 10 bands) at the Gazzverket in Aabenraa, which seats 1,200 guests. Tickets for the final can be purchased at

Liet International is an institution that organises festivals each year in which people compete with songs sung in minority languages.

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