Voices that scare us: perspectives from an audio horror production

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The NoSleep Podcast is a horror fiction podcast created and hosted by David Cummings. David Cummings is the creator and host of The NoSleep Podcast, the preeminent audio horror fiction podcast. Started in 2011, the podcast now has over 500 episodes and has been downloaded more than 200 million times. As a voice actor, Cummings has appeared on many audio fiction podcasts and has voiced roles alongside notable actors such as Elijah Wood, Kate Siegel, and Kristen Bell. Born in Toronto, Cummings now lives near Niagara Falls in Canada with his wife Kelly.

The following is the result of a very pleasant interview I did with David, where we chatted about evil voices, the development of stereotypical evil in horror, …

Language as immersion tools: the case of videogames

valentin billede

Videogames are perhaps one of modern days’ biggest tech-recreational businesses. It is everywhere and exists in an incomprehensible myriad of forms – from the massive online multiplayer games, to puzzle/problem solving machines, to deeply immersive and impactful stories. It is this last part I want to focus on a bit, because compared to other forms of media – literature, movies, tv-series – videogames are made distinct by their core: that they are supposed to be played by someone; that they have a player. This makes them uniquely oriented towards interaction and thus invites the player to immerse themselves very deeply in the stories that a game is telling. And one of the tools that a game can utilize in its …