Did Denmark get a new dialect?

kristelig dagblad

When the Danish news agency Ritzau sent out the announcement: “Researcher: Denmark has a new dialect” on the morning of February 4th, my phone started ringing non-stop from 6:20 am. Several Danish news outlets, radio stations etc., including TV2 News, P1, P2, P3, P4, Radio Nova, Radio 4 and about 50 other media agencies, couldn’t find anything else to cover but the exact same story that everyone else wanted to cover. The news about this “new” dialect even reached Iceland.

The reason for all of this was a short interview in the Danish paper Kristeligt Dagblad where I explained that despite Danish dialects being used less and less, new dialects are simultaneously coming into existence. And that I …

An exciting month awaits Lingoblog’s English speaking readers…

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Lingoblog publishes new, original blog posts about language(s) and linguistics every week, but as regular readers may have noticed, most of our posts are in Danish.

This summer, we are making more posts accessible to our non-Danish speaking readers as we publish English translations of blog posts originally written in Danish! There will be a new translation on the blog each Tuesday during the next five weeks, starting today with Kristoffer Friis Bøegh’s post on African languages in the 1700s Danish West Indies.

Not enough summer reading for you? Then check out our holiday-reading recommendations for English-language books on languages and linguistics!

We wish all of our readers a wonderful summer – and happy reading!

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